Oxford Leather Shoes

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Oxford Leather Shoes

Κωδικός: 7382 CORDOBA
129.00 € 64.50

Αντρικό oxford AMBITIOUS, δερμάτινο με πολύ ελαφρύ πάτο.


Ambitous is a men’s footwear brand created by a family business dedicated to the excellence of shoe manufacture. Looking to make a statement in the international market and with new additions to the team, the company focused on the creation of a concept that would bring differentiation to its clients. Relying, on one hand, in tradition, kwow-how and extensive experience in the manufacture of footwear, and on the other, on innovation with the constant updating of new technologies Ambitous was born. 

With a fashion-forward attitude and aiming to establish new rules in men´s footwear, Ambitious takes form in atratctive and diverse creations that challenge the limits of conventional design. This is the essence of our brand, present in our name.

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